10 Tips on Living in London

London is a great city and is a beautiful place to live. London is very busy and the weather is on the rainy side. There are ten tips to living in London to enjoy the city and make it less stressful.

Use Contractless

When traveling in the city a person should register their contactless bank card with the transportation service or get an Oyster card just for transportation. This will make it easier to move around the city. These cards will help a person find the cheapest train or bus fairs so they can get around the city without a problem. The buses in London no longer accept paper money.

Leave Strangers Alone

The people of London do not speak to strangers. The only time is to talk to a stranger is when they do something helpful and they are being thanked. People in London also like to give directions so it is okay to ask them where a specific place it and how to get there.

Keep up with the pace

When traveling keep up with the speed of traffic, especially during peak hours. People are in a hurry and they do not like to be held up by silliness.


When possible, do not take a train or taxi, just walk. It is easier and will be much less expensive than paying for transportation. The streets get very busy so unless a person is heading out of the city it is not worth driving.

Get Some Sun

When possible go outside and enjoy the parks. Many people live in small apartments so when the sun is put Greenwich Park is a great place to visit.

Go to a Pub

When new to the city it is acceptable to go to the pub alone and meet new people. There are interesting people at the pubs that are looking to make new friends.

 Emerald Street

This site offers reviews on restaurants, pubs, shops, and everything else in London. They offer reviews from real customers and will tell a person about up and coming events.

Visit Leicester Square

This shopping center is glitz but there is a lot to see and do there. There are bright lights and plenty of advertisements. There are also to see the history of London. When visiting this area the Waxy O’ Connor is a great place to visit.

Sadler’s Well

This is a great place for a visit for art loves. This is one of the best theatres in the city and puts on some good shows.

 Visit the Arts Museums

London wants people to have fun while learning something. The museums are free to enter. There are some art galleries that are free to enter as well. There are many great places to visit to learn about London while staying on a budget.

These tips will help a person make the most of their time in London. Even if a person is new to the city they can make London feel like home in no time. If you plan to stay longer, check out simple bar table designs that you can build in your rented apartment.